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Bonjour! I'm off to Paris this summer :)

Another book update

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Hey...I'm back! Sorry for the lack of update recently. Just been working on various projects but they're all NDA stuff so I can't post anything here. I am back in school now for my 7th term...just one more to go before I'm free of this bootcamp.

I want to say thanks for all the emails and support about my personal book project. I know from the lack of updates that this project looks scrap but it's not...I swear! I'm just reorganizing the whole content and making it more cohesive as a story. Here is the update with some new sketches.

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Whew...been a while since I updated, huh? I'm taking a term off from school to work so I've been really busy. The "project" is great fun and I'm hoping that I will able to show the artwork for it someday. Although it might seem like I've been slacking off on my personal book project, I'm still keeping it up. Here are 3 new updates along with a set of color storyboards from my Visual Development class.

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Another late book update ! I think this is becoming a bad habit :( To make it up, I posted some traditional works I'd done at school this term and a couple of new links.

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Sorry for the late book update this week. I'm under the gun with all the sh*t that have to be done. I'm back to using Photoshop again and I had a lot of fun with this piece.

*** just updated with a brand new face lift. It's a gathering of talents from my school so check out their awesome stuff.. We also have our own so look around, join in, and show off your work. ***

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The coolest thing I saw last week was the Animatrix. I would have to say that I enjoy some of the episodes in there more than the movie. The short "Beyond" is my favorite from the batch so check it out. As for the updates, the next page for the book is up and a few more links to the list.

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School just started for me again. This means that I will have more stuff to post on the updates. Here are 1 2 tonal thumbnails from my Visual Development class. I sketches these off of a B&W photo book. I don't remember the title so if anyone out there who has seen these photographs before, please email me so I can give the author credit. Next up is another illustration for my book project. I took my sweet time with this one :)

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Yosemite was definitely a religious experience. Biking, hiking, BBQ by the lake, bon-fire and telling ghost stories, playing pranks and scare the crap out of close friends...I really miss it already. But it's time to get back to work so here is the next update for the book. This one was inspired by Yoshitaka Amano.

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The book project got a new update. The image follows the one from last week which show the man behind the masterful hands. I update a bit earlier this week than usual because I'm off vacationing with friends at Yosemite. It's time to get some sunshine, physical excercise and be one with nature. Then hopefully after those three days, I'll be sick of nature and look forward to paint on my computer again.

"Too busy to browse for quote this week." - Me



The new page is up for the Book Project. From now on you can check up on its progress here. It's going to be a long time before the book is published but with all of the overwhelming encouragements from everyone, I'm sure it will get done. Thanks to those of you who took time to write those inspirational emails :)

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I just bought one of those Tablet PC that you can draw on the screen. I carry it with me everywhere like a sketchbook. It's still a bit weird to sketch with but I'm getting the hang of it. Here is a life drawing and a doodle of my little cousin using this strange tool. I also added a page of creature sketches in the Entertainment section and more photos in the Junk section.

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Check out this music video , its visual and concept are utterly amazing. Thanks Kazu for the link. I added yet another section where I can dump my junk. Just bought myself a cool digital camera (Canon Powershot G3) so I'm playing around with all of its dials and buttons. You can check out some photographs of my fish tank and bedroom here. There is a new color drawing in the Entertainment section, it's my attempt at cartoon. I also added a couple more links.

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Major update!!! I cleaned out some some old stuff and added some new ones. There is also a new section of my freelance work in the last couple of months.

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I added 2 more life drawings this week. It was a strange feeling to be in the figure workshop again after pushing it aside for a year. I seriously felt slow and rusty; digital medium has really spoil me :(

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