Boltcity - my friend Kazu's site. His art will make u laugh and leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

- my group of friends from Art Center. Check out their portfolio!

Feng Zhu - amazing, rock-solid industrial design.

Doug Chiang - the reason why I started drawing spaceships.

Craig Mullins - the god of digital painting, the gallery makes me bite my nails every time I stop by.

Justin Sweet - the translation of the Frazetta style onto digital media. Truly "sweet" stuff.

Hong Ly - superb character drawing skills...inspiring.

- very refined figure drawing/painting skill and a nice guy.

Juan Gimenez - the artist behind the Metabarons comicbook series. The site is in French though.

Sparth - a French concept artist with some step by step tutorials.

Travis Charest - an amazing comicbook artist, check out the Metabaron stuff !

Wesley Burt - check out this guy character design skill. I can't believe he's just 20.

- this guy definitely got the skill for moody paintings.

Young Sang, Kim - awesome stuff overall, I especially love the textures

Bengal - He can draw the cutest girls with amazing color schemes

Six Fat Ninjas - A couple of guys from Microsoft, they have a variety of great stuff to show

Motion Artists Listing - The best of the best are here. These film union guys design most of the movies you see.

Ryan Church - No need for introduction here :)

- A friend of mine from school who is now a concept artist at Rockstar game.

- whimsical doodles with a variey of styles.

Chris Appelhans - beautiful / elegant / friggin cool stuff from my buddy at Art Center.

Miguel - fun sketches with great attitudes.

Yanick Dusseault - matte paintings !

Scott Robertson - my teacher at Art Center and he can draw and render photo-real industrial designs faster than Maya.

- varieties of nice drawings here.

- He's a pro.

Lebbeus Wood - A great inspiration for environmental designers




- a massive online space game that I am currently freelancing for. They have a section that includes some of my stuff from 9/04/02 onward..

ShadedBox Animation - my friends animation company where I hang out most of the time. A bunch of inspiring people.

Concept Art Forum - a gathering of talent and a good place to learn concept design.

Sijun Forum - another artist forum that focuses on digital painting techniques.

- a nice source to dip your brain into 3d animation.

- short film, long film, good animation, bad animation...they have it all

Cowboy Bebop - my all-time favorite animation series. It has style, wit and heart.

GFXartist - A digital art community. Nicely designed.

CGtalk - A great forum for digital 3D/2D artists.