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Khang (huy) Le!  
Thursday, 13. February 2003 13:31 Host: Write a comment

Hey Khang Le!

guess what... my name is Khang Le too!!! aint that cool!!! i was browsing through cg channel and then i saw my name!.... well your name =P so i was like "whoa" so strange huh. Anyways, after seeing that our names were the same, it provoked me to enter your page, and i must say, "wow!" you got awesome work!!! everything is so detailed and great!!! I also wanted to be a concept artist too! Im currently taking school to proceed my goals to becoming a concept artist or graphics designer ^^. Well i have to go now, got a class. So i hope to see more of your work cause for sure im gonna follow your steps, not because of the same name (which is cool), but cause you rock in art!!! ^^
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