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Sunday, 28. September 2003 22:39 IP: Write a comment

I think the images that you have been creating are masterpeices. You have done an outstanding job. I can tell you really get into the work that you create. I love the entertainment pictures. Very creative, and I love the movement. The book project looks interesting. I see several things when I look at the images that you have shared. A lot of the input that I would share comes from movies that I have seen, so I am not sure if you are interested. But I am very impressed with the progression that you have done. The color is fantastic and the layout is wonderfully done. You take these pictures into places that a lot of people would not see every day, which is also very impressive, like the toy store. Again, wonderful layout. I can see you going very far with this book project, and I await the next revealing on Monday.

Ever Excited,

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