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Saturday, 27. November 2004 17:38
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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Hayakawa, Leo  
Thursday, 18. March 2004 16:51 Host: Write a comment

i wandered to your site by ease dropping on a friends monitor and it caught my attention. your style and imagination is incredibly eccentric. keep it up!
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eastern us
Wednesday, 17. March 2004 08:35 Host: Write a comment

Your work is great...I like the loose quality of it all, gives it a dream-like feel. I think your book project is going to be something really spectacular. I am a struggling artist myself..unaware of what I'm really getting into most of the time when I sit to draw. But you seem to have everything worked out from step one, which is something I strive for and really admire in others. I also really enjoyed the MPEG file that showed how you work...the behind the scenes stuff is where all the magic happens. Thanks for making a site and posting your work for us all to see. :)
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Mikey Mike Mike  
Friday, 12. March 2004 13:14 Host: Write a comment

I'm really at a loss for words. Your stuff is great! You have a very gifted talent.
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Milano, Italy
Thursday, 11. March 2004 12:21 IP: Write a comment

thank you for sharing your incredible stuff with us!
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Monday, 8. March 2004 08:14 Host: Write a comment

Thousant faceS, thousant thoughtS...I wish you another million..
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france -paris
Sunday, 7. March 2004 12:36 IP: Write a comment

your a inspiration for me, very impressive when i see your mecha design and others painting.great works !
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Saturday, 28. February 2004 05:40 Host: Write a comment

Typing in instead of .net brings up a funny website with the 'lets all meet up in the year 2000' theme by pulp!
Good updates, still a cracking site!
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Thursday, 26. February 2004 01:05 Host: Write a comment

stumbled across the site just now and felt i should say, your work rocks.
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Saturday, 21. February 2004 07:57 Host: Write a comment

It's a nice site,
Congratulation and my best wishes!
Thank you and greetings from Germany.
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S.C. Watson  
Orcas Island, Wa.
Thursday, 19. February 2004 17:28 Host: Write a comment

Khang, just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I've greatly enjoyed browsing through your work. Keep it comin'.

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