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Tuesday, 14. December 2004 05:31
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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Matthias Ransheim  
Wednesday, 5. May 2004 05:43 IP: Write a comment

My namn is Matthias Ransheim and i come from Sweden.
I love your work and i get very inspired by your illustrations that are so wonderfull.
I am also looking for a jobb as a concept artist, but it`s hard to find.
I paint, draw and sculptur figures.
It`s everthing from Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and childrenbook illustrations.
i don`t have a homepage yet but i promise that i will have one.
Good Luck in the future!
Matthias Ransheim
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Monday, 3. May 2004 17:28 Host: Write a comment

thanks for this site ,
Congratulation and my best wishes!
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khang le  
Friday, 30. April 2004 14:00 Host: Write a comment

Hi, I'm just totally freaked out because you have the same name as me. You almost have the same personality as me too. My friend said your a replica of me in the future. I'm just if you are vietnameese or not. If you are, then I'll be freaked out some more. but I doubt it, theres already another person from vietnam with the exact same name as me.
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thank you  
Monday, 26. April 2004 16:24 Host: Write a comment

you have inspired me so much. you made my day times a millon. thank you so much. i wish one day to be as good as you.
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Sunday, 25. April 2004 11:38 IP: Write a comment

so first of all WOW you impressed me.. your scatches and so..really kull work!.. its a long time i have seen such a good graphic since hmmm...probably ever .Anyway...your ideas are really nice .As i said impressed me much would be pleasure to talk with you for a while about your artwork.. but chance for it is more then little i guess ... in fact i study architecture and only wish to have such art skills ,kull projects in drawing and pictures like waht else .;))) bye...
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Thursday, 22. April 2004 11:08 Host: Write a comment

WOW! u have some great talent!
keep up the awsome work!
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Wednesday, 21. April 2004 19:19 Host: Write a comment

Mannnn You are Crasyyyy!!!!
Yor art work is F....N Greattt!!
I like your style..i like your Ideas..
I v found a lot Inspiration ... I dont have to much to say..
Just one thing!!!Like i said.
"you are crasy"!!
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Friday, 16. April 2004 22:33 Host: Write a comment

I stumbled across this site while I was looking for some Linkin Park pictures.You've given me lots of great ideas and inspiration.You've got a very dreamy style of painting and a really good imagination.Thanks for every thing.
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Monday, 5. April 2004 22:04 Host: Write a comment

You have an absolute brilliant mind and imagination. Your work (especially the book project) reminds me of Herb Ryman, one of Disney's first Imagineers who did most of the concept work for Disneyland, Disney WOrld, Epcot and even Tokyo Disneyland. If I was ever to design a themepark, I'd want you to help do the sketches.
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The Netherlands
Sunday, 4. April 2004 16:42 Host: Write a comment

Truly amazing stuff you got here!
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