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Thursday, 16. December 2004 21:13
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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Neil Richards  
Tuesday, 9. September 2003 04:01 Host: Write a comment

I have visited your page for ages now. I've seen this book project come along!!
8 ball monkey is my favourite, because of the great use of colour. Masterful.
I made my own concept art book a while ago, can't seem to get a real job with it mind you! I may work in videogames.....
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Valery Rezvyakov  
Monday, 8. September 2003 01:25 Host: Write a comment

Very Good!
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Craig Mackay  
Newbury Park, CA
Saturday, 6. September 2003 09:27 Host: Write a comment

Very inspiring, thankyou! Good luck to you in the future. :)
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laguna beach
Friday, 5. September 2003 09:25 Host: Write a comment

very impressive work.

i worked with applehans at black isle. like you, very talented.

my best,
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Josef Domer  
Thursday, 4. September 2003 02:20 IP: Write a comment

Your site opens a new endeavor for me. Im really grateful.
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Friday, 29. August 2003 16:58 Host: Write a comment

Your Book Project is breathtaking. The close ups you provide how little detail is needed to show an idea.

Thanks very much for sharing :)
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Dwaine Delfosse  
Burlington, Ontario Canada
Wednesday, 20. August 2003 18:03 Host: Write a comment

You truely are very, very talented, i really
enjoyed looking at your art.
Keep up the Great work my friend!
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Tuesday, 19. August 2003 10:33 Host: Write a comment

great pictures :>
one question: how to play your first tutorial? it's only 220kb, i'm not sure that it's a mpeg video, or is it 1 sec length? :/ i tried to play it via painter, but no result.. what's wrong?
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cory o'connor  
lafayette indiana
Thursday, 14. August 2003 13:01 Host: Write a comment

your aspirations have brought you farther than mine have. i pray that you stay grounded enough to continue with your work. you have truly inspired me.
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Brad Semenko  
Winnipeg Canada
Monday, 11. August 2003 21:01 Host: Write a comment

I really liked your featured Corel image
Arrival. I was wondering if a larger image or print was available?

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