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Monday, 29. November 2004 21:27
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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Friday, 29. August 2003 16:58 Host: Write a comment

Your Book Project is breathtaking. The close ups you provide how little detail is needed to show an idea.

Thanks very much for sharing :)
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Dwaine Delfosse  
Burlington, Ontario Canada
Wednesday, 20. August 2003 18:03 Host: Write a comment

You truely are very, very talented, i really
enjoyed looking at your art.
Keep up the Great work my friend!
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Tuesday, 19. August 2003 10:33 Host: Write a comment

great pictures :>
one question: how to play your first tutorial? it's only 220kb, i'm not sure that it's a mpeg video, or is it 1 sec length? :/ i tried to play it via painter, but no result.. what's wrong?
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cory o'connor  
lafayette indiana
Thursday, 14. August 2003 13:01 Host: Write a comment

your aspirations have brought you farther than mine have. i pray that you stay grounded enough to continue with your work. you have truly inspired me.
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Brad Semenko  
Winnipeg Canada
Monday, 11. August 2003 21:01 Host: Write a comment

I really liked your featured Corel image
Arrival. I was wondering if a larger image or print was available?

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Jan Rambousek  
Nyrany, Czech republic
Wednesday, 6. August 2003 06:49 IP: Write a comment

Fantastic!! At first I thought that you have did something for Star Wars or Matrix:) Did you? Just great, the style of drawing, ... Wherewith are drawing that robots? With felt-tip pen? I like this style, but I can't find anything nowhere? Thanks

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Monday, 4. August 2003 06:04 Host: Write a comment

I like your works, and they are so fanyastic and imaginative. You must have great insperation.also, I love to draw too. the same genre as you, but not as good as you. I wish I'll make great progress in the future.

p.s my website is Chinese language version, so you might meet some problems when visiting it.still hope you give some advice and leave some messages in my guestbook. Thanks^^
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Friday, 1. August 2003 01:20 Host: Write a comment

the shizzo for izzo
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pasadena, ca
Friday, 1. August 2003 01:18 Host: Write a comment

the shizz-o for izzo.
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massimo rottino  
napoli, italy
Thursday, 31. July 2003 08:36 IP: Write a comment

your paintings are very nice! keep up the good work.
I would like to know if we could exchange links.
visit my site!
massimo rottino
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