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Sunday, 28. November 2004 21:38
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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Thursday, 20. November 2003 08:21 IP: Write a comment

Supergood job! I'm also freelance (developer) in a country where to be freelance is to be mad :( so, I understand all your problems with the book, but you must continue... it's a superb job
Enjoy (and don't forget sleep 1 hour weekly)
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Saturday, 8. November 2003 18:59 Host: Write a comment

I miss you, Khang!
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Jen Quest  
Thursday, 6. November 2003 20:44 Host: Write a comment

Nice page here. If you want, you can visit my non-profit lapel pin site at and ad your entry on my site too.
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Wednesday, 5. November 2003 19:36 Host: Write a comment

wow. those are amazing. I'm really inspired to start getting into computer graphics, i've always stuck to lead pencil and paint on paper. Congrats on an incredible collection. The world picture from the book project is magnificent. good stuff.
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Chuck Carter  
Monday, 3. November 2003 18:38 Host: Write a comment

Great stuff - do you sleep at all? : - )
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Grandpa Simpson  
Monday, 3. November 2003 01:52 Host: Write a comment

Post this quote:

I used to be with it,
but then they changed what it was,
now what im with isnt it,
and what it is, is strange and confusing to me.

Grandpa Simpson
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Daniela Edstrom  
Sunday, 2. November 2003 13:47 Host: Write a comment

Inspired by your talent . . . your traditional figure drawings are vibrant . . . I sense that if you studied Peter Paul Rubens work you would acquire even more fluidity with your drawn line . . . best wishes in your artistic endeavors, Daniela
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Valery Rezvyakov  
Friday, 31. October 2003 04:53 Host: Write a comment

Very inspiring, thankyou! Good luck to you in the future. :)
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savannah, GA
Tuesday, 21. October 2003 22:15 Host: Write a comment

hey, hurry up and finish your book!

ps. nice work
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Thursday, 16. October 2003 21:54 Host: Write a comment

hey sup khang..remember me. from vis dev. w/david james :).. your stuff looks great! keep it up man.. i just made my site also so come check it out.i've been busy w/freelancing and the sites still in progress. latezzzz
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