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Wednesday, 15. December 2004 14:24
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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David C  
Monday, 26. January 2004 15:27 IP: Write a comment

hey dude, i love your futuristic art and your tutorial, it very imformative. I want to get to that point of painting. I like inking alien environments, but they still lack specific elements that catch the eye. I will use your work as inspiration, thanks.
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Olivier Laurent  
Brussels Belgium
Wednesday, 14. January 2004 14:43 IP: Write a comment

Awesome. You deserve your price. I hope to see someday your "cyberpunk" a la "bladerunner" style in my favorite comics shop.
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Glauco Machado Caon  
Porto Alegre / RS - Brazil
Saturday, 10. January 2004 18:42 Host: Write a comment

Woow!! Your artwork is fantastic!
With incredible digital quality and originality. Some effects you produce makes me remember 3D art, but it's made with digital 2D drawing and painting! And the sketchs are just monstruous!!
I'm a graphic artist, but I'm still a begginer in digital painting, I was impressed by your tutorials! Would you put more of them?? @_@
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Friday, 2. January 2004 15:15 Host: Write a comment

wow, i really adore ur work "a thousand faces". i'm jealous of ur talent, babe *g*
my luv from germany, bye
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london, england
Thursday, 1. January 2004 20:52 Host: Write a comment

dude i don't usually sign guestbooks but i felt i had to - awesome work - you have a talent and it blows me away - and you're only 21 - makes me sick - lol ... jokes

can't wait to see what you will post next on your site - you have a fan

until next time ... regards
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Monday, 29. December 2003 17:11 Host: Write a comment

first time visitor good stuff man enjoyed your site(looking forward to return) i 2 am a si fi finatic and artist.i play around with photoshop , painter 7, illustrator 9 looking to become more serious with these programs, any advice you can give me on painter i'll gladley take, hope to show you some of my work ,(WATERCOLOR ,ACRILIC,AIRBRUSH) keep up with yours,you're doing a great job,: PS nice move with the outside pressure.IT WORKS
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Greg Hannell  
Monday, 29. December 2003 08:58 Host: Write a comment

I enjoyed your site very much. I have already gone through the illustration schooling you are now (at another school). Other things came in the way of making illustration a career. Now, I find myself in a position to change this - Yahoo!
I will be taking the information in your tutorial section to my copy of Painter 8.
Thank you,
Greg Hannell
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neil richards  
Tuesday, 23. December 2003 06:53 Host: Write a comment

Time for a christmas update mr Le.
I always visit this site and show it to my friends.
I like the figure drawings, you should do animation, you seem to capture movement very well.
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uk - soon to be Australia
Tuesday, 16. December 2003 04:05 Host: Write a comment

I really liked what I saw, some of the incidental figures have a style of 50's paperback book covers - if that makes sense,which i like.

Keep it ongoing, and do your thing! I'll keep on checking.
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Renze Rispens  
The Netherlands
Sunday, 14. December 2003 14:26 Host: Write a comment

Awesome stuff man, really cool looking, and I like those freehand doodles, they're full of life, really great.
I'm aspiring to be a great artist as well, though I'd settle for a nice design job hehe. Keep those pencils sharp and keep making great stuff ok!
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