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Dinsdag, 15. Februari 2005 07:26
Welkom op onze site. Hier kun je het gastenboek tekenen
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Jens Wingerath  
Stuttgart germany
Maandag, 3. Januari 2005 14:22  Geef commentaar

iám absolutely impressend by the power of the sketching tools u use futrther i´d like to express my grats too such nice scetches you ve done... i am myself do industrial design. more car industrial relayed.
i just started to use painter and i will use your tut´s to get into it.... right know i am using sketching environment of alias Wavefront studio cause i working 3d models in there as well so i coud switch easely between env´s.

i would be glad if u could give me a hint where to find other tut´s for improving my skletching skills in painter....

you went to a class holdet by rian church,
damn i wish i could have had the chance doing this once a while.....

greets from good ole´germany Jens
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